This Is How We Will Help In Your Journey Ahead

Our Proven 6 Step Process

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1. Strategy Session with Paul

The next step in the process is collaboratively choosing the best experience that will fit your needs with our publishing and marketing options.

During this call, we cover each option in detail through our holistic approach, answer any questions you may have, and help find you the best fit for your specific book.
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2. The Work Begins

Work will begin within one week of our agreement. We will cover the timelines, including the entire publishing process and all that comes along with it.

With our Done For You Book Publishing Service, we also include a 10-week program at no additional cost to help you get your manuscript completed.

During the 10-week program, we will review the chapters that you write each week as this process will give you a proven system and a clear path to completing your book quickly.

Every part of your experience is approached as a step-by-step collaborative process.
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3. A Collaborative Effort

As we work together, you continue to have Paul and the team as your guide throughout the author journey.

With our Done For You Book Publishing Service, you are approving the first round of edits. Then, we move on to book formatting for both the Kindle and Paperback edition of your book.

While the publishing process continues, it is a true collaboration as you have full creative control with your book. We do not move forward with the book until you give us the green light to do so.
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4. Getting It Done

With our Done For You Book Publishing Service, you are on the final stretch with your book. This is when we create the book cover design and make sure you are completely satisfied with the book cover design that our teams creates.

Once the book cover is finalized and the formatting is complete, it is time to get your book uploaded to Amazon.

At this point, we will publish your book upon your approval. Assistance with the creation of your Audiobook will also be offered.
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5. The Finish Line

At this point, your book is already published through our Done For You Book Publishing Service.

For additional support, we also offer our Done For You Book Launch Marketing Service. Our marketing service includes getting your book into an additional six categories on Amazon to maximize your exposure.

Our Book Launch Marketing Service includes our #1 Best Seller Guarantee, which ensures that your book (all genres) will be #1 in at least one category on Amazon during your book launch as long as you follow our proven system.

It is not only a guarantee, it is a promise as every one of our authors has become a #1 Best Seller since 2016.

Our Book Launch Marketing Service also includes a customized press release with your book launch as well as a guaranteed guest spot on the Get Published Podcast.

We will also help you get booked on multiple podcasts and will assist with coordinating book launch events including book signings and launch parties.

Our main focus is to ensure that you have the most successful book launch possible.

Are you ready to share your story?


  • Sue Welch Author
    Wow, Paul Brodie delivered! With both his Done For You Book Publishing Service and his Done For You Book Launch Marketing Service, Paul brought me through it step-by-step. It was less than six months from the inception of the idea to even write a book to becoming a Best Selling Author in several categories. A dream come true!
    Sue Welch
  • Mike Arroyo
    It’s a given, with the track record that Paul and his team have maintained, that they will help you become a Best Selling Author. What surprised me was the level of communication that occurred before and after the launch. Paul offered details on what to expect, as well as fielded my questions along the way. It felt more like a team effort, rather than a hand-off to some secret activity that happens elsewhere. The effort isn’t only about launching a book, as it also includes an author’s transformation to becoming a Best Selling Writer! I highly recommend Brodie Consulting Group.
    Mike Arroyo
  • Tony Pisanelli
    Paul is one of the more energized and highly focused entrepreneurs I have met. No matter what changes Amazon or a client throws at him, he lets nothing stand in his way to deliver on his promise. He is a leader in this field who helped my book become a Best Seller in multiple categories. Paul also recognizes the importance of building a business beyond the book and therefore went the extra mile in making Podcast introductions on my behalf. Thank you to Paul and his team for their dedicated support.
    Tony Pisanelli
  • Jamie Chin
    Thanks to Paul Brodie, my second children’s book Look for the Magic became a #1 Best Seller in 8 categories - I couldn’t be more thrilled! I launched my first book on my own and didn’t do nearly as well. Book categories are everything when it comes to Amazon’s ranking, and this is where Brodie Consulting shines because they know where the sweet spot is. Their contacts within the industry are also highly valuable and can be a real asset to your writing career.
    Jamie Chin
  • Angela Cairns
    Amazon #1 Bestselling Author in multiple categories – to which I owe Paul and his team a massive thank you. Despite a glitch in the Amazon algorithm, Paul guided my Women’s Fiction novel, with expertise and professionalism, seamlessly through the launch process. This launch placed my book in the hands of four thousand readers and has given the series an amazing boost in sales and reviews since. It has also given me traction to gain media coverage and interviews.I cannot recommend Paul’s service highly enough.
    Angela Cairns
  • Catherine Wilde
    As a first-time author, it was wonderful to have the guidance of Brodie Consulting for the launch of my best-selling book. Paul was great to work with and helped simplify the publishing and marketing process. I am so thankful for the help of this knowledgeable team!"
    Catherine Wilde
  • Jesse K. Wright
    It says a lot about a professional who delivers on exactly what is promised. It says even more about one who over-delivers; one who exceeds expectations. This was my experience with Paul Brodie and BCG Publishing. I had the bulk of the work completed on my book when I contacted Paul. Like many first-time authors, I put a lot of time into attempting to learn strategies and tactics to promote my work, but didn’t have a complete view on how to fully execute it. The effort was there, but clearly not the experience. I needed guidance and expertise, and this is where Paul came in. He immediately sent over the game plan and clearly described the goals and timeline. He was specific and concise about what we needed to do, communicated well along the way, and simply went about his work over the course of only a few weeks. The end result was a promotion that powered my book to hit #1 bestseller in nine categories on Amazon, an outcome I would never have realized on my own. I highly recommend Paul and his team to anyone who is looking to create, publish, and launch a book of their own with a proven system.
    Jesse K. Wright
  • Janice Dean
    When I had to reschedule my launch due to switching publishers, Paul was absolutely my rock. He offered several solutions and compassion. Immediately, he created a new schedule with the best opportunity for sales. He graciously met with my new team, offered his steady and sage advice, and led us to achieve Amazon Best Selling status with my book getting in the hands of over 5,000 readers during my launch! Paul moved me from uncertainty to solid success. He is a man of his word, steady and sure, with no hype. Paul is the real deal. I have the utmost respect for his professionalism and care. If you’re smart, you’ll hire Mr. Paul Brodie to become your Master Marketer!
    Janice Dean
  • Wayne Van Der Wal
    A year ago, I launched my book on my own and did a half decent job for my first time, but I felt it could have been better. I also thought of some tweaks I wanted to do with my book cover and the interior. This is where Paul and Brodie Consulting come in. Paul and his team made my cover look cleaner and sharper, and they did some editing within the book to make it that much better. I was very pleased! Next was the book launch and the results were incredible. My book became a #1 bestseller in five categories, I was very excited! Paul is one heck of a nice guy, and he has a proven system that works. I highly recommend Brodie Consulting for your publishing and marketing needs.
    Wayne Van Der Wal
  • Tom Grossman Sr
    Paul and his team are the best at what they do. Brodie Consulting created the name of my book, the artwork for the book cover, and it gave me confidence this book was going to be successful. His team walked me through the process step-by-step and it is a proven system that works. We went with Paul for the book launch and the results were incredible. My book became a bestseller in seven categories, which exceeded my expectations. I look forward to working with Paul and his team at Brodie Consulting with my upcoming second book.”
    Tom Grossman
  • Rakesh Mishra
    "Just 12 months ago, I was struggling to start my podcast and found a book online called Podcast 101. After reading the foreword and introduction, I realized right away that this is the kind of help I was looking for. What I love about Paul's books is the simplicity he brings in his writing and that is his real genius. I hired Paul as my Publisher and he made this author journey an easy one. As someone who moved from rural India to Canada, I knew the author journey would be a struggle if I just did it myself without getting help. I still remember what Paul said during our initial strategy session after I had told him all my fears and weaknesses related to writing. Paul said "Rakesh, trust our process and you will be smiling once everything is done" and now I can say proudly that Paul Brodie's publishing and marketing support, coaching, and mentoring not only made me an author but a successful speaker and coach. My book is really helping me with building my authority and growing my business. I was concerned initially about the book title, chapters, word count, editing, formatting, and the book cover. Paul showed me that my main focus is creating the content over multiple weeks and then trusting his proven system. It works! My book ended up being ranked #1 in 9 categories with his proven book launch marketing system. I highly recommend Paul and his team to anyone willing to write a book or launch a podcast, and especially for those whose English is not the first language like me. Brodie Consulting is your one-stop solution!"
    Rakesh Mishra
  • Pradeepa Author
    "A mutual contact introduced me to Paul Brodie when a desire of writing and publishing a book came up in summer 2019. Paul understood the vision of my book and really helped me creatively to bring my story to the world. Needless to say, Paul was meticulous in his work and he laid out the steps and dates for the project and followed through with it. I always thought book writing and publishing can be overwhelming, but Paul's method of working with me with his proven system was great for what I was looking for in a publisher. He would give me homework to do with one item at a time with a due date for each task. Paul helped me focus on the task at hand and was able to align my work with the timeline he gave me. I was very impressed that my book was published in three months and became a best seller on Amazon. Paul also went above and beyond to help me translate and publish the book in Spanish and find other markets to publish the book. If you are considering writing and publishing a book, I will strongly recommend Paul and his team. Thank you Paul!"
    Pradeepa Narayanaswamy
  • Marilena Fallaris Author
    “I highly recommend Paul Brodie and Brodie Consulting! From the moment I spoke with Paul during the complementary Strategy Session, he made me feel like I wasn’t just talking to a consultant, but my own individual coach and friend. Paul and his team helped me with all aspects of publishing my book - providing an editor, book cover design, book formatter, and giving tips to make my writing the most powerful book possible.
    Marilena Fallaris
  • Sandra Joines
    "Paul Brodie is the guru of book publishing. He’s taken a difficult, confusing, and time-consuming process and broken it down into easy-to-follow steps. Paul’s coaching is a must-have for the person who dreams of becoming an author or for the seasoned author who wants to increase sales. I feel so fortunate to have participated in his amazing coaching program. Mr. Brodie and his system has taken me from a published fiction author to a rock star—well, maybe not a rock star, but how does an Amazon bestselling author sound? This system works, and I highly recommend it.”
    Sandra Joines
  • Liza Pierce
    "Paul Brodie's coaching is the key that unlocked my writing and publishing dream and is helping make it a reality. I have been wanting to write and publish a guidebook for Maui, but was overwhelmed by all the things I needed to learn and the many steps needed to make it happen.
    Liza Pierce
  • Shawn Richardson
    “Paul’s services are a winner on so many fronts. His coaching and publishing services beautifully and easily synthesizes the publishing process. Paul's coaching programs are perfect for any experience level: the author just starting out without a lick of experience with publishing, Kindle, or eCommerce all the way to the seasoned bestselling veteran author who wants to take their publishing to the next level.”
    Shawn Richardson
  • Hillary Tubin
    “I read Paul Brodie's book, Book Publishing for Beginners, and his style of writing immediately put me at ease. He not only provided well-thought out step-by-step instructions, insights, and behind-the-scenes knowledge about self-publishing that only someone with his experience and expertise could know, but he shared them with encouragement and a ‘you can do this’ attitude.
    Hillary Tubin
  • Bryan Acosta Advent Trinity
    Paul's executive coaching was a game-changer. He helped me grow my business and establish my authority as a social media marketing expert. Paul is direct, honest, and truly cares about his client's success. He lives by his core values of truth and service. I highly recommend Paul's coaching and publishing services."
    Bryan Acosta
  • Billy Atwell
    "Everyone kept telling me that I needed to write a book to establish my authority as a self-confidence coach. The problem was that I had no idea how to make that possible. Because of Paul Brodie and his generous sharing of showing me the ropes, I went from someone without a draft to becoming a #1 Bestselling Author in 60 days! My book remained #1 for the next six months thanks to his book launch marketing system. I was able to do this because Paul laid everything out in a clear, time-lined series of action steps that kept me focused, accountable and able to implement all that was necessary to achieve this success. He can do the same for you.”
    Billy Atwell
  • Bradley Miles
    “I was a student with a dream of writing and one day becoming a bestselling author. It seemed like a dream a lifetime away, but after learning from Paul, I understood the importance of writing what I know and how to achieve bestseller status on Amazon. After writing about my journey towards a career in venture capital, my book #BreakIntoVC turned into a bestseller in the venture capital category and has created a tremendous amount of opportunities for me. Since writing my book I have lectured at Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, USC and many other schools. Paul’s advice about book publishing and the power of multiple revenue streams are invaluable and I owe a lot to Paul.”
    Bradley Miles
  • Ellamae Elder
    ”A miracle occurred for me when I heard of Paul Brodie and his Book Publishing and Book Launch Marketing Services. Stalled with an unfinished memoir of many years, Paul encouraged and inspired me to press forward and gave me the confidence to get my book finished.
    Ellamae Elder
  • Don Lawrence
    I’ve been working on my book for years. During that time, I purchased numerous programs claiming to help authors publish their book. Unfortunately, those programs usually covered just one or two facets of publishing. Then I discovered Paul Brodie’s Services. He covers every facet of the publishing process from writing, designing your cover, marketing, and all the way through to creating your back-end products and services. If you truly want to publish your book and see it become a bestseller, then I highly recommend Paul’s Book Publishing and Marketing Services.
    Don Lawrence
  • Mimi Emmanuel
    ”I LOVE working with Brodie Consulting and am so happy to have come across Paul and his teachings. He is an absolute ACE teacher and I cannot recommend his top-notch publishing and marketing services highly enough."
    Mimi Emmanuel
  • kelly marshall author profile picture
    "Paul's expertise made all the difference. My book zoomed to the top of three different categories. Thanks to Paul and his team, I will always be able to say I wrote a #1 Amazon Best Seller!"
    Grace Marshall
  • ed eng author profile picture
    "I highly recommend Paul Brodie for all your publishing needs. As a first time author, I had no idea what to do or where to start. Paul made the process easy. Today, I am a Best Selling Author."
    Ed Eng
  • Dr Toby Tomlinson Baker Ph.D. profile picture
    Paul Brodie’s publishing company and customer service are both phenomenal! Without Paul, my book, The Traveling IEP would not have been a #1 Amazon Best Seller. I greatly appreciate everything he has done! I highly recommend his service and will certainly be using his services again when I write my next book!
    Dr. Toby Tomlinson Baker, Ph.D.
  • Brendon Clancy
    Paul is a great guy and true to his word. My first book is now a bestseller in multiple categories as his company guarantees. I couldn’t be more pleased with the clear correspondence and how all outcomes that were promised were delivered seamlessly. I have now been hand delivered an opportunity to begin the business of being an author, speaker and much more and couldn’t have asked for a better way to face my imposter syndrome that stopped me for doing this years ago. Thank you to Paul and his amazing team for the leg up and for a chance to have a fresh start in an industry that seems so overwhelming to a newbie.
    Brendon Clancy
  • Dave Foulkes

    Writing a book is hard enough, but unless you're wanting to start a career in self-publishing at the end of it, leave it to the professionals. Paul was certainly all the things you expect from a professional; accommodating, organized, proactive and thorough.

    The crucial part about his publishing company is that he has a system. That system that has launched over 100 best selling books including mine and gives you confidence in the process and in the outcome. Paul did exactly what he said he was going to do. Unless you want to get into the business of publishing, get in touch with Brodie Consulting.
    Dave Foulkes
  • Karen Mondragon
    I heard Paul on a webinar, and was very impressed by what he had to say. At that point, I made an appointment for a strategy session.  I hired his firm immediately after the call and have not been disappointed.

    Since hiring Paul's company to do it for me, I have been extremely pleased with the way that he has marketed my book, keeping up with the "ins and outs" of Amazon publishing, and most of all his communication. He is on top of it with communicating via email, and I am never in the dark.  He lets me know what is happening every step of the way.

    The money I am investing in my writing is beyond what I could set a value on; it is priceless.  Paul is the expert, I just love writing and leave the rest to the professionals.  I will be hiring Paul to promote my next book, which is with my editor right now.
    Karen Mondragon
  • Shihan Sheriff
    Before meeting Paul Brodie, the prospect of publishing my first book on Amazon was daunting, primarily due to the intimidating realm of marketing. However, from our very first consultation, Paul dispelled my anxieties and instilled a newfound sense of confidence in me.

    His approach to marketing isn't merely professional—it's calculated and systematic. Under his guidance, each strategic decision felt like a collaborative victory. If you're an author looking to navigate the complexities of book publishing and marketing, I wholeheartedly recommend entrusting your vision to Paul.

    His exemplary service has earned not just my respect, but my utmost recommendation. A tip of the hat to Paul for delivering unparalleled professional service.
    Shihan Sheriff
  • Michele Whetzel Author Pic
    Paul Brodie and his team made my book launch easy and worry-free. My book So, You Want to Start a Nonprofit, Now What was their 115th consecutive #1 best-selling book launch, so they obviously have a great track record. I am a first-time author, and I know I could not have reached #1 without their help.
    Michele Whetzel
  • Julee Peterson

    Brodie Consulting delivered every single promise they made! I couldn't have had a successful launch without Paul Brodie and his Done for You Book Launch Marketing Service.

    As a working mother with a busy family life, my time is precious and Paul allowed me to accomplish becoming a best selling author without adding stress to my life. Paul and his team made the whole process enjoyable and exciting.

    I highly recommend Brodie Consulting and will be using Paul in the future to launch all of my upcoming books.

    Julee Peterson
  • Martha Marks
    At first, I was a bit skeptical of Paul’s launch service, but he exceeded my wildest dreams. My book Betting on Bernie: A Memoir of a Marriage not only became a #1 best selling book in its main category in America and held that position for several days, but it also reached #1 best selling rank in a different category in Australia, and it held that position for several days, too.

    So now I can legitimately claim to be an international best selling author. How cool is that? Great work, Paul. Thank you!
    Martha Marks
  • Mary Axness, N.D.
    I was completely new to the publishing world even though I published a children's book 3 years ago. Writing a book and publishing a book are two very different experiences and processes.  

    It was an overwhelmingly daunting task to complete my manuscript, especially if you are a new author like myself. Paul knew what he was doing while I was clueless. 

    Paul has the patience of a saint, and he had my back every step of the way. I am still shocked how I was #1 in two categories on Amazon. Thank you, Paul!  
    Mary Axness, N.D.
  • Chris Alarcio
    Paul and his team absolutely delivered on their promise to get my book to #1 in at least one category for their best seller guarantee. I was struggling to get my finished manuscript out, but once I teamed up with Paul everything was easy.

    I can't say enough how reassured I felt knowing they've done all this before with over 125 plus best selling launches. Already looking forward to my next book launch.
    Chris Alarcio
  • Robin Blair
    I am simply thrilled with the results of my trust in Paul Brodie and his team to launch my children’s book, Sad Pie. My little children’s book has an odd title and a cover with a little girl’s face full of sorrow – who could sell that book? No joke, I was stumped.

    Well, the book for kids all about spiritual care and loving one another through loss became recognizable to buyers in Paul’s hands and with his team, it became a #1 best seller in 6 categories! This is the first book in a series of three; I will be working with Paul at least two more times for the next two books. Thank you, Paul!
    Robin Blair
  • Clare White

    Having written my first book, I had no idea how to publish and market it on Amazon. Paul and his team have been fantastic and guided me through the entire process.

    They have been on hand at all times (I'm based in the UK and my time zone is six hours ahead), topping it all by being Paul's 141st consecutive best selling book launch and achieving #1 spots in 4 separate Amazon categories. I can't recommend Paul and his publishing company highly enough.
    Clare White
  • Patricia Gleichauf

    Paul Brodie made good on all of his promises.  As guaranteed, he made my book, Sea Turtles Circle, a #1 Amazon Best Seller in 2 categories.

    I am grateful to Paul and his team for enhancing my book with new credentials, and I am very impressed with his company.
    Patricia Gleichauf
  • Robert Mulindwa

    A great thanks to Paul Brodie at Brodie Consulting. He ensured that my book launch soared to best seller on Amazon.

    Their expertise in marketing and promotion strategies made all the difference. I highly recommend them to any author looking to make a significant impact with their book.
    Robert Mulindwa
  • Samuel Larry Feldman

    I am a low tech guy who wrote a 314 page book on an iPad. My thanks to Paul and his team for moving the needle further towards reaching my goal than I ever could have!

    My fiction book became a best seller in multiple categories. I am very pleased with the results and highly recommend Brodie Consulting.
    Samuel Larry Feldman
  • Tod Schneider

    Paul Brodie's book promotion service stands out as one that truly delivers. Paul was easy to work with, always cordial and responsive. Other publishing companies merely tell the writer what the writer has to do.

    By way of contrast, with his service, Paul and his team actually carry the load, so you don't have to worry about falling short or running out of steam. His promise to get your book to a best seller in record time is a guarantee. A great investment!
    Tod Schneider
  • Cassandra Crawley Mayo

    As a debut author, my journey to publishing was daunting until I discovered Paul Brodie. His genuine, insightful approach during a webinar convinced me to explore his services.


    Despite my initial skepticism, Paul’s patience, knowledge, and clear book launch timeline built my confidence. Relaunching my book with his team was the best decision I’ve made, leading to my book achieving a #1 best-seller book ranking in three categories.


    Paul Brodie and his team are unparalleled in terms of comprehensive publishing support. They will certainly be my go-to for my next book.

    Cassandra Crawley Mayo